JS VANGUARD 2.0 The 2-in-1 Air Purifier HEPA and Dehumidifier

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JS Vanguard protects your home in 2 ways: eliminates air borne toxins and bacteria with HEPA filtration system, and clear the dampness in the air that causes moulds and mildew. Rest assured that the air you breathe is clean. It’s in 2-in-1 action is perfect for small spaces such as bedrooms, washrooms, laundry rooms, RV’s, boats, and many more. With its iOS and Android mobile APP, now your mobile phone becomes a remote control for ease of access!


What's in the Box?

  • JS Vanguard, air filter, manual, power cable


  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

At JS Innovation, we subscribed to the belief that best products
don’t require a lot of fuss – they just work. With JS Vanguard, it’s
Plug-and-Play. It’s that simple.

The JS Vanguard is the next
generation of air purifiers and dehumidifiers hybrid designed for the modern living condition. Not only does it clean 99.97% of airborne toxins with its HEPA filtration system, it also clears the dampness in the air that known to cause moulds and mildews. Total protection.

• HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne mold spores, dust, pet dander and plant pollens.

• iOS and Android APP support. Connects to Alexa and Google Home for support as well.

• HEPA filter catches bacteria, odours, and airborne particles to purify the air in your home.

• 1 litre capacity makes JS Vanguard small, light, and portable. Take it anywhere.

•Small air purifier/ dehumidifier with a minimal footprint is ideal for cramped areas that get very humid or damp, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets, RVs, and boats.

• Up to 215 sq ft coverage space.

• Fully digital operation and indicator for water tank.

• 2 performance levels: quiet mode and performance mode

• 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Ship to USA and Canada

30 Days Return and 6 Month Warranty