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JS T1 SWIFT and VC20 Plus Cordless Vacuum

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How long does the filter last?

The JS FLO 2.0/VANGUARD 2.0/COMPLETE filter can last for 2200 hours of use or an average of 6 months of use.

How do I clean my filter?

Yes, simply stop the machine. Remove the filter, use a vacuum tip to gently remove trapped debris, dust and dirt.

Where can I buy the replacement filters?

The replacement filters can be purchased on our website. We ship to Canada and USA


After I replace my filter, the red light is still on?

Simply press and hold the power button for 7 sec to reset the filter clock.

MY JS FLO 2.0 seems to be a little louder then before after I replace the filter?

We recently made an upgrade to our replacement filter with a new enhanced antibacterial layer.

However, the new layer does constrict the air flow a bit more than the old filter, thus causing a slight increase in the unit's sound level.

We are currently working with our manufacturer to resolve the issue so that we can retain the added antibacterial layer without sacrificing the quiet air flow on the unit.


My JS VANGUARD 2.0 does not auto shut off when water tank is full?

Although rare, the shut off plastic button (located on the lid in the water tank) sometimes may get stuck when the product first arrives or when emptying out the water tank. So it is recommended to check and ensure the shut off button is able to move freely when product first arrives as well every time after you empty the water tank.


JS DUO 2.0

How come when I am in heater mode, the unit shuts down?

The JS DUO 2.0 has a automatic 10 hours timer built in that will shut the unit down after 10 hours. This is a safety feature on the unit. After the unit is shut off, you can turn it back on using your remote.

I received my JS DUO 2.0, why isn't it turning on?

There is a master switch at the base of the unit that much be switched on before you can power on the unit with your remote.

When the unit reaches the set temperature, it just turns off?

The Heating mode in the JS DUO has an auto shut off when desired temperature is met.

For example, if the set temperature of 25 degree is met, it will shut off, and will not turn back on until temperature drops below that. However, the sensor measures the temperature of the device, which being the source of the heat, is usually a little hotter than the surrounding environment.

So sometimes, you may notice the temperature dropping a few degrees below set temperature before the unit turns itself back on (eg. 23 degrees).


Want to know anything else?

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.