JS Mini Heater – Ceramic oscillating space heater

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JS Mini Heater is a portable sized space heater that packs quite a punch. With its 1000W power, it provides 2 levels of quick heating with fan delivery; 600W/ 1000W. It has built-in oscillation to increase the area it covers. JS Mini Heater also has a cooling fan mode, which makes it a perfect addition year round for any bedroom, bathroom, living room, guest room or office.

At JS Innovations, we subscribe to the belief that the best products
don’t require a lot of fuss – they just work. With the JS Mini Heater, it is Plug-and-Play. Period. It’s that simple.

The JS Mini Heater is a twist on the traditional space heater. We believe this industry needs a kick in order to bring its design philosophy in line with the
21st century. Introducing the JS Mini Heater, the perfect balance of form and function. It is a personal space heater designed to look great and also function great.

The JS Mini Heater has 2 levels of quick heating distributed through fan delivery; it has a powerful 1000W heating mode that will get you to feel warm and toasty within minutes. It also has a 600W energy efficient mode that saves power and electricity.

The JS Mini Heater also has a cooling fan mode built-in, making the JS Mini Heater a year round device!


• Safety: JS Mini Heater is built with V0 Flame retardant material that does not emit any odour or fumes. It also has a built-in tip over sensor and overheating thermal cut off sensor that
auto shuts off the machine.

• Power modes: 1000W and 600W

• Fan distribution: JS Mini Heater uses fan distribution to speed up heat delivery while keeping electrical cost down.

• Fan mode: Built-in cooling fan mode where the JS Mini Heater becomes a cooling fan.

• Oscillation: auto oscillation built-in to increase area of coverage.

• Indicator light: built-in light to let you know when the machine is running.

• Area of coverage: 300 sq/ft

• Warranty: 1 year warranty

Size: 163x152x183.5mm

Ship to USA and Canada

30 Days Return and 6 Month Warranty