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Do I need the app to work the dash cam and where can I download the App?

No you do not need an app to run the dash camera.
The app is a supplemental features that allows you to connect your mobile device to the camera.
For JS Dash S and JS Dash 2.0

Go to the App Store and type in "Novacam" and download the app for free!

For JS Dash Pro

Go to the App Store and type in "Car_DVR" and download the app for free!


Dash cam powers on and shuts down right away.

When you receive your dash cam, it is recommended that you perform a quick charge for the dash cam. Charge the dash cam directly by plugging it into the car port adapter provided, ensure vehicle is turned on for 10-15 min. During this time, you can set up the date, time and other settings as well. Please do not charge using a USB port on a PC or laptop as they do not provide enough power to perform a charge.

During initial use, when attaching camera to the mount, ensure the direction of attachment is correct, camera facing towards the front.


(JS DASH S) Dash cam won’t turn on at all but there is a blue/red light beside the power button or it turns on but randomly shuts off/on multiple times or behaves erratically

You will require a firmware reset. Please follow the following link. Or please email info@jsinnovations.ca and they will instruct you how to perform a firmware reset.


How to set up date/ time for my dash cam.

There are two main methods.

  1. Sync your mobile phone to your dash cam by downloading the app for your iOS or Android devices. Follow your manual to connect your mobile phone to your dash cam. Once your phone is connected to your dash cam, the date and time will sync automatically.
  2. There is a manually way to set date/ time once your dash cam is powered on. Make sure it is not recording (if it is recording, press the ‘ok’ button to pause recording). Enter the menu by pressing ‘m’ and sift through the menu using the up and down arrow button until you see date/ time. You can set the date/ time using the up and down arrow buttons. Press ok when you are done.


My dash cam’s date/ time is resetting.

The main reason for this is that the dash cam never had a full charge to begin with. There is an internal battery that manages the time/date and other settings. When the dash cam’s internal battery runs completely empty, everything will be reset to default mode. So if left unused for a long period of time, you may have to perform an initial charge to get battery working again.


My dash cam's battery is fully charged, why doesn't  the camera turn on or  record?

The internal battery of the dash cam is meant to be used to save important internal settings (such as time, date, location) and data (such as videos). The battery is not meant to be used for recording but rather to maintain all settings and data when the dash cam is on standby or turned off.The camera will not turn on stand alone and the firmware will shut the battery off when power is lost to conserve battery.

To properly record videos, you will need to ensure the dash cam is connect to the mount and have a consistent power source fed to it.


My dash cam won't record continuously

Ensure the loop recording is turned on in the menu and motion detection is turned off.


Connecting to the App for JS DASH SERIES

1. Turn on the Wifi in your JS DASH Cam by going to Menu --> Wifi --> OK (You will see the wifi icon appear on the screen)

2. Go to the Wifi menu option on your mobile device and select the newly available Wifi Option (Usually starts with CarDV-#### or ANTK-####)

3. Enter the password "12345678"

4. Your mobile device will connect to the camera, at which point it will prompt you with a similar message "No Internet, tap for more option" --> "This network has no internet access. Stay connected?" Tap "YES"

5. Open the app, go to the + icon on the top right hand corner to add camera (App will prompt for password again). Type in password, once it shows camera is connected, press the back button to go back to camera list. Select connected camera, connect and you should be able to view.


My Dash Cam gets hot when in use, is that normal?

Yes, during normal use you dash cam will heat up, this is completely normal provided you use the car cable adapter provided.


What is the Red wire at the rear camera of JS Dash Pro for?

The red wire can be connected to the reverse light in your vehicle so your JS Dash Pro will act as a back up camera when you drive in reverse. It is recommended that you consult a car mechanic to have this wire installed. If your vehicle already have a back up camera, the red wire can be ignored.


What is LDWS in the JS Dash Pro?

That is the Lane Departure Warning System. When turned on, the dash cam will automatically scan the nearest lane in front of it and lock on to it. Once it detects your vehicle is leaving the lane, it will beep to act as a warning.



How long does the filter last?

The JS FLO/VANGUARD filter can last for 2200 hours of use or an average of 6 months of use.

Where can I buy the replacement filters?

The JS FLO/VANGUARD filter can be purchased on our website. We ship to Canada and USA





My JS Guardian can not connect to my network

The JS Guardian connects to a 2.4 GHz bandwidth, so it may not connect to the 5 GHz bandwidth available. If your home or office do not have the 2.4 GHz bandwidth set up, you can simply do so at your modem setting.



How do I change currency from USD to CAD?

On the bottom left hand corner of the website, you will see a small drop down menu that is default to USD. Click on it and you can change the currency to CAD.


How long will it take to get my order?

It takes within 24 hours from order placement to product shipment (excluding weekends & holidays). Actual arrival date will depend on where you are. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.


Can I return my product?

Refund will be accepted within 30 days from date of purchase. As long as the product is undamaged and in good conditions. Email us and we will take you through the process.


Want to know anything else?

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.