JS Oryza - Rice Cooker & Steamer

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Introducing the JS Oryza, a multi-functional rice cooker and steamer. JS Oryza is designed for ease of use, with its 1-click cook function, anyone can now cook up a delicious meal in no time. With its 1L volume, it can cook up to 4 cups of rice feeding up to 4 people. Cook rice and steam food with ease with the JS Oryza multi-functional cooker and steamer: Rice, low sugar rice, soup, porridge, congee, and many more.

At JS Innovation, we subscribed to the belief that best products do not require a lot of fuss – they just work. With the JS Oryza, it’s
Plug-and-Play. It’s that simple. Cooking up a delicious and healthy meal has never been easier with the JS Oryza; with its 1-Click cook function, even a novice can cook perfect rice.

JS Oryza cooks rice in less than 30 minutes and keeps it at the perfect optimal temperature
with its auto-warm function, so you can enjoy rice anytime, day or night. Feed up to 4 people in one go with its 4 cup cooking capacity.

With its compact and minimal design about half the size of a traditional rice cooker, JS Oryza will fit beautifully into any kitchen décor.

Main functions:

• 1-Click Cook Function – Cooking with the JS Oryza is as simple as one click, the JS Oryza will take care of the rest

• Low Sugar Rice – JS Oryza comes with a special function that extracts sugar from the rice, allowing for a super healthy meal.

•Multi-functional Cooker and Steamer – JS Oryza cooks more than just rice, it can also cook mixed rice, soup, porridge, congee and more. If it needs cooking or steaming, the JS Oryza can do it all!

• 2L 4cup volume – Can cook up to 4 cups of rice which is equivalent to 5-6 portions and can easily feed 4 people.

•Auto-warm – JS Oryza maintains the cooked rice at an optimal
temperature to maintain taste and texture, so the meal can be enjoyed even hours after cooking.

• Preset cooking – Want the rice ready for a later specific time? The JS Oryza allows you to preset the cooking for a later time up to 24 hours. You can preset the cooking for when you get off work so you can come home to an already prepared meal!

•Compact design with digital controls – Its small factor design at half the size of a traditional rice cooker allows JS Oryza to fit into any kitchen décor with ease.


• Capacity – 1L 4cups

• Power – 350W

• Built-in digital control and LED display

• Inner Pot – 360g

• Dimension – 22L x 24W x 21.5H cm

• Weight – 2.09 kg / 4.6 lb

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30 Days Return and 6 Month Warranty