JS NEST - Smart Indoor Garden for Succulents

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JS NEST is a fully automated smart garden designed specifically for growing and housing succulent plants. With a closed environment complete with air flow conditioning and built-in LED growing lights, JS NEST is the perfect gift for beginner and expert gardeners alike.


Plug and Play. It’s that Simple.

The best products don’t require a lot of fuss — they just work. With JS NEST, we’ve radically simplified things like light controls and environmental housing so you can spend less time in frustration and more time enjoying the ‘Zen’ that comes with gardening.

JS NEST is a smart garden designed specifically for succulent growing. The close environment is built with dynamic airflow and an automated growing light. This provides the perfect growing environment for succulents all the while keep maintenance simple and generally non-existent; perfect for planting and not worrying about it.

Comes with all essentials; JS Nest and growing medium

The JS NEST ventilates the space for 20 min per hour and has controlled lighting that turns on for 12 hour a day. This allows for the optimal growing conditions.


• Growing Light: LED

• Light timer: 12 hours cycle

• Air flow: built in fan for air cycling; built in timer

• Size: 11.4 x 11.4 x 18.9 cm

• Power input: 5V 1A

• Weight: 250g

• Color: White/ Blue

Note: Comes with growing medium. Does not come with a fully grown succulent plant.

Ship to USA and Canada 30 Days Return and 6 Month Warranty Details