1. Features
2. Structural Diagram
3. Part Description
4. Operating Instruction
a. Power On/Off
b. Battery Recharge
c. Installing the Memory Card
d. Basic Operations
e. G-Sensor
f. System Setup
g. USB Port
h. WIFI Connection
5. Specification
6. Installation
7. Precautions
1. Features

JS DASH S is a 1080P HD Smart Dash Cam enabled by WIFI and connected to your iOS and Android devices. JS DASH has a full 360 degree swivel with a 170 degree view that is automatically self-controlled. It has a built in mini screen for live monitoring so you always know what you are filming. It also has a built in iOS and Android app that allows live monitoring and storage on your smart phone so you can upload it to the cloud right when you want to.

JS DASH is equipped with adjustable G-Sensor technology designed for emergency events or accidents that will automatically save the video in any incidents which detects your car is hit. The product uses SONY IMX323 sensor, and the advanced Novatek 96658 chipset, enabling it to display 1080 FHD clear picture and outstanding night vision effect at the meantime. Even at night, it can record clear road conditions.

Quick Setup Tips:

i. If you see "memory card error/please insert the SD card" prompt when powering up the unit. Press the menu button, enter setup, and look for the "format" option to format your SD card for compatibility.

ii. After power on, if screen continues to flash or are unable to stay turned on. Charge the main unit for over half an hour before using it (Using a wall outlet). 

iii. Certain settings will create locked files that can not be overwritten, which may prevent further recordings when memory card is full. To clear up memory, the SD card will have to be formatted.

iv. Recording shortcuts: During recording, press the power on button to turn off the microphone. Press the "M" button to take a photo, Hold the "M" button to start to SOS urgent lock function (locks the video file). Zoom in and out with the left and right arrow button. Press "OK" to stop recording. 

v. Video/Photo replay shortcuts: Press "OK" to stop recording, hold "M" to enter photograph mode, Hold "M" again to enter the video replay mode. Press "OK" to start replay of the video.

vi. Trouble Shooting:

1. Only C10/TF SD cards are compatible with the unit.

2. Charge unit with power supply over 1A (USB ports at personal computers can be used only for accessing the stored files but not powerful enough for charging due to low voltage.

3. Use a pin to reset unit in cases when it crashed.

4. APP- Search for "Novacam" in the APP store to download. After download, press "M" to go to setup. Find the WIFI option and press OK, then it will show the SSID and Password on the LCD screen. Write down the SSID and Password, turn on the wifi in the setting of your mobile device, find the SSID and connect. Input the password (DEFAULT PW is: 12345678). After connection, open the APP and you are ready to go.


2. Structural Diagram

 3. Part Description

1. Menu Button (Short press to enter menu. Hold to turn off wifi)

2. Page- Up Button

3. Page- Down Button

4. OK Button (Press to take video, photo, or confirm options)

5. Speaker Jack

6. Power - On Button (Short press to power on, hold to power off)

7. Mic

8. Indicating Light (Steady Red= Recharging, Red Off = Recharge complete, Flashing Blue = Video Recording, Steady Blue = Video stopped)

9. USB Port

10. Reset

11. Card Slot

12. USB Port

13. Screen

14. Lens

 4. Operating Instructions

 a. Power On/Off

Short press on power button to power on, and hold power button to power off. When plugged to the car charger, dash cam powers on automatically and start taking video when engine starts. When unplugged, footage will be saved automatically.

b. Battery Recharge

Charge unit via USB connected to power source greater then 5V 1A. A steady red indicator light means unit is charging. When red light is off, unit is charged. A complete charge cycle takes about two hours.

c. Inserting Memory Card

Push memory card straight into card slot until a click sound is heard

d. Basic Operations

i. Video Options: Resolution- Loop recording- HDR- Exposure compensation- Motion detection- Audio- Date Stamp- G Sensor

ii. System Setup Options: Wifi - Date/time- Time Zone- Over speeding alert- Car plate- auto power off- Button sound- Language option- Screen Saver- Frequency- Formatting - Default Setup- Version

iii. Functions:

a. Video Function: Switch to video mode, press OK button to take video press OK button again to stop

b. Photography Function: Hold on Menu button to switch to snapshot mode, press OK button to take photo

c. Playback Function: Hold Menu button to switch to playback mode, press Page up or down button to select footage, press OK button to play/pause the video

e. G-Sensor: Low/Medium/High

When powered by car battery, after G-Sensor is on, any vibration will trigger video taking when dash cam is on. These footage will be locked. Dash cam will stop taking video automatically after 28 second (preset). If a collision happens during driving, footage is locked automatically.

f. System Setup:

Press Menu button to enter main menu. Press Page up or down button to switch to system setup menu. Press OK button to select options. Press OK button to confirm and then Menu button to return to upper menu.

Setup Menu:


Over-Speed Alert: Set speed limit, with alarm when over speeding

Car Plate: Car plate number shown on footage

Auto Power Off: 1/3/5 minute

Button Sound: On/Off

Language: English/French/Japanese/Chinese/ Italian/German/Spanish

Screen Saver: Off 30/60 Sec

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Formatting Memory Card: Cancel/Confirm

Default Setting: Cancel/Confirm

g. USB Ports

When connected to PC, dash cam goes to disc drive mode where files can be saved, viewed and played

When connected to car charger or other power supply, it will charge and supply power to camera

h. WIFI Mode:

After power on, short press on Menu button to enter system setup, select WIFI icon, press Ok button to open. If WIFI icon is shown on screen, it is on, and dash cam will start recording

Go to setup – Wifi on smart phone, search for WIFI signal source ID (i.e. SSID shown on screen)

Click on WIFI ID, enter PIN (12345678)

When smart phone shows WIFI is connected, go to App to access video and photos.

5. Specification

 (See Website for details)

6. Installation

  1. Turn off car engine
  2. Insert memory card into card slot
  3. Install dash cam on mount, then install mount on windshield
  4. Plug in charger to car charger
  5. Connect dash cam and car charger with the extension cable provided (cable to be wired along windshield and down to car charger port)
  6. Adjust lens position, make sure lens are parallel with the ground
  7. Start the engine, and check if dash cam is functioning.

7. Precautions

1. Only use power adaptor supplied by our company. Faulty adapotrs may damage the unit.

2. Do not place dash cam in humid or high temperature environment.

3. Regular cleanning of the lens will ensure optimal video quality.