JS DASH 2.0 User Manual

Default Password: 12345678

The best cameras don’t require a lot of fuss — they just work. With JS DASH 2.0, we’ve radically simplified things like camera control, wireless connection, and camera setup so you can spend less time in frustration and more time enjoying a peace of mind.

JS DASH 2.0 is a 1080P HD Smart Dash Cam enabled by WIFI and connected to your iOS and Android devices. JS DASH has a full 360 degree swivel with a 170 degree view that is automatically self-controlled. It has a built in mini screen for live monitoring so you always know what you are filming. It also has a built in iOS and Android app that allows live monitoring and storage on your smart phone so you can upload it to the cloud right when you want to.

JS DASH 2.0 is equipped with adjustable G-Sensor technology designed for emergency events or accidents that will automatically save the video in any incidents which detects your car is hit.
i. Do not operate in exposed environment where lens and other components can be contaminated
ii. Do not put product in a damp environment as camera is not designed to be waterproof.
iii. Avoid violent impact on the camera unit.
iv. Keep camera away from flammable, explosive, corrosive liquid or gas.
v. Recycle camera at your local recycling depot as camera contains battery
Main Features:
1. FHD 1080P Video
2. 6G+ 1 R multi-layer filter analysis 170 degree ultra wide angle lens
3. 1.22" IPS HD Screen
4. WDR Wide Dynamic Technology
5. Auto Plug and Play Function
6. Loop Recording
7. Continuous playing + photo snaps
8. SOS file locking
9. Parking Monitor

Button function description

Button diagram

  1. Menu 2. OK  3. Down  4.Up  5.Power 
6. Reset 7. Micro SD card slot 8&9.USB port

    Button function description

    1. Power
    • Power on/off

    press power button for 1S to power on device, press power button for 3S to power off device.

    • Switching Mode

    At standby mode, press power button for 1S to switch modes from record to photographing and playback.

    • Locking and Saving file(s)

    In recording status, press power button for 1S to lock and save present video file.

    • Exit from menu interface

    At interface of menu setting, press power button for 1S to exit from interface of menu setting.

    1. Menu

    At status of suspending record, press menu button for 1S to enter window of recording/system setting.

    At photograph mode, press menu button for 1S to enter window of photo/system setting.

    At playback mode, press menu button for 1S to enter window of playback/system setting.

    1. Up
    • Go up in page

    Up page function at menu setting and playback mode.

    • Rewind down

    At playback status, press up button for 1S to rewind down.

    1. Down
    • Go down in page

    Down page function at menu setting and playback mode.

    • Fast forward

    At playback status, press down button 1S to fast forward video.

    1. OK
    • Record/photograph

    At record mode, press OK button for 1S to record/suspend recording, at photograph mode, press OK button for 1S to take a photo.

    • Confirm/play/suspend

    At menu setting/playback mode, press OK button 1S to confirm/suspend playing back.

    1. Reset

    If device suffers from errors/freezing, press reset button for 1S to restart device.

    1. USB port

    Connect 5V power supply for device.

    1. Micro SD card slot

    Insert Micro SD card to save video files inside.


    Operation Guide

    Installing the Dash Cam

    1. Power off the car engine.
    2. Insert the Micro SD card into the Micro SD slot.

    [Note] please use a Micro SD card (Class 10 or above) with a capacity of at least 8GB. The SD card slot supports a maximum capacity of 64 GB.

    1. Install the Dash Cam to the front windshield of the automobile.
    2. Insert the car charger into the cigar lighter socket of the automobile, then connect Dash Cam by USB cable to power supply.
    3. Adjust the angle of camera, to ensure that the camera lens keeps level with the ground.

    6.Start up the engine and check whether the Camera is mounted properly.

    【note】please format Micro SD card when using it for the first time.


    Function Description


    1. Automatic Recording

    After you start up the car engine, the Dash Cam is automatically initiated and the recording function is enabled. After you turn off the car engine, the Camera saves the recorded content automatically and is powered off. The recorded images are saved segment by segment in the Micro SD card. When the Micro SD card is at full capacity, the data recorder overwrites the earlier recorded images/videos.

    [Note] You can set the time interval of recording in the menu. The time interval can be set to 1/2/3/5/10minutes.

    1. Photograph function

    At suspended record mode, press power button for 1S to switch to photograph mode, then press OK button for 1S to take a photo, to get back to record mode, press power button for 1S to switch.

    1. Save and Lock file function

    At In-recording status (camera is running), press the power button for 1S to lock the current video file being recorded, this file will not be overwritten in the Micro SD card.

    1. G-sensor

     The JS Dash is fitted with a built-in collision sensor (G-sensor). In case of a severe vehicle collision, the Dash Cam will lock the image data generated at the time of the incident.

     [note] G-sensor has multiple sensitivity adjustments. By default, sensitivity adjustment is <Off>. You can change the sensitivity settings as needed in the setting menu.

    1. Date and Time Setting

    In standby mode, enter the system setting menu. press up/down button for 1S to look for date option, then press OK button to enter date setting.

    [note] Press the <Up> and <Down> button to select values, press OK button to proceed to the next option, and press OK to confirm setting and exit.

    [note] Setting a correct date and time is important to accurately reflect when an incident happens!

    1. Playback

    At suspended record mode, press power button to switch to playback mode, press up/down button to select video file, then press OK button to play back.

    1. Motion detection

    In standby mode, press menu button for 1S to enter the setting menu. Press down button for 1s to move the cursor to the <Motion Detection> option, and set it to <On>. If the lens senses a moving object peripherally, the device will enter into video recording state. If the lens does not sense any moving object within 60 seconds, device will stop video recording. To exit the motion detection mode, enter the menu again, and set the state of the <Motion Detection> option to <Off>.

    [note] If you need to use the motion detection function for a long period, please keep device power on all the time.

    1. Parking monitoring mode

    At mode of stopped recording, enter menu setting to open “parking monitoring” function, when device detects shock/vibration, it will start and record video for 10seconds, and then power off, this file will be locked not to be overwritten.

    1. WIFI function

    At menu interface, open ”WIFI”(default setting is on), and select the WIFI name, screen will show SSID and PWD, connect WIFI hot spot from device by mobile phone WLAN, and operate device on mobile phone.

         【note】mobile APP can be downloaded by typing “Novacam” in the app stores.