Firmware Reset

If your JS Dash Camera is not turning on or is behaving erratically. It may require this firmware update.It takes only about 2 minutes to update the firmware.

1. Format the memory card first.


2. Copy the files to memory card

(JS DASH 2.0)




3. Insert the memory card into the camera, Connect the car charger (or mini USB cable) directly to the camera head.  The camera indicator will flash, wait a moment, the camera will automatically start. This will take about 30-60 seconds. During which you will see the lights from the power button flash multiple times. When the dash turns on again, you will see the screen option that says Mass Storage/PC Camera/Video. Do not select any of these options, simply turn the camera off by holding the power button (Do not skip this step).

Remove the SD card, reformat it (via a computer again) first before inserting it for use again.


4. Power on the camera. Now, you will need to set the date/time one more time