The Importance of Having a Dash Cam

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Have you ever thought about getting a dash camera? Most people think that dash cams are just for police vehicles.

You might want to think again – there are several advantages to having a dash cam, first and foremost having a recorded account of anything you witness while driving. There is a video circulating online currently of a driver with a dash cam who had a car in front of them BACK INTO their vehicle. By law, this would normally be his fault as anything that looks like a rear-end is the fault of the rear driver. However, despite attempts of the front driver to threaten to call the police unless our driver pay him $500 on the spot, because of the dash cam he had evidence for his case.

This is also handy in case you witness a crime while driving, even if it doesn’t involve your vehicle. Events like accidents and crimes can happen fast – human memory can prove to be hazy when pressed to recall exact details about a certain moment in time. A dash cam can be very useful in these situations to provide an accurate account of events, and to identify anyone involved.

Serious matters aside, footage from a dash cam can be entertaining. I’m sure you can think of a time when you’ve seen something while driving that is almost beyond belief, but upon telling the story to your friends it turns into one of those “you had to be there” moments. Showing the footage to friends, and even uploading it to popular video aggregating sites, enables you to share your hilarious moment with potentially thousands of people.

Lastly, footage from a dash cam can be artistic. Want to remember what that road trip was like a few years ago? A neat video compilation of normal hand-held video camera footage mixed with dash cam footage of your trip can provide a very cool experience for you and your loved ones to share.

Whatever you use it for, a dash cam can come in handy in the right moment. For all of it’s uses, it seems worth the investment.

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